Want to cut costs on electricity bills?

When was the last time you checked your monthly bills? Not often is what most of us would say. We only bother having contact with our suppliers when a) we sign-up and b) something goes horribly wrong!

But what about everything in between – you know…the regular bills. How often do you check how much you’re paying? Especially when your bills are variable (go up and down). When was the last time you even saw the energy bill from British Gas or whoever it is! As long as the bank statement is somewhat positive, and the direct debit is being paid “life is too short” I hear you scream…

Well when 50% of average household income is being spent on paying bills we all need to start looking at how we can be better with money. It’s time you optimised your monthly expenses and put MORE of your own money back in your OWN pocket.

This article gives you ideas and insights on how to make BIG savings on your monthly electricity bills without needing to live in complete darkness at home.


  • Switch Energy Supplier – for most of us still the quickest, simplest, and biggest way of saving money on your electricity bill. Link your energy bill to billbutler if you haven’t already to see how much you can save.

  • Lighting – take the plunge and switch to LED. Lighting makes up 20% of our electricity bill. A good LED bulb could reduce your lighting bill by 75% and last 20x longer than a conventional halogen bulb. They do cost more however the longer-term gains are there.

  • Extra appliances – got an extra fridge in the garage which is half full or most of the time entirely empty? Consider removing it, you are paying too much for a thing that brings too little of a value to your household and your wellbeing. This is just an example – do a walk around your home and check for things you don’t need.

  • Turn off standby appliances –  save up to £80 each year by simply turning electrical items off at the plug when not in use. TVs, set-top boxes and games consoles in particular are always left on. Small behavioural changes make a big difference.

  • A new boiler – if you can afford it, install a new boiler, a new A rated boiler could save you hundreds of pounds each year. Research the energy efficiency of your current boiler and compare costs savings vs. some of the best boilers. The pay off could be worthwhile (remember to factor in installation!).

  • Check this article for 8 more Ideas on how to save money around the kitchen. 

Optimise the way you track your expenses and consider changing suppliers.

Its no wonder that we will suggest you use billbutler to track expenses and get better visibility of where all your hard earned cash goes!