Ways to save on your mobile phone running costs

Many of us are being overcharged when it comes to running our mobile phones every month.  It’s a regular nuisance and can turn what should be a relatively cheap service into an expensive one.

billbutler highlights some of the popular ways you can save money on your mobile:

Make good use of Wi-Fi

Most of us need our smartphones connected to the internet all day. Whether it’s checking whatsapp, email, the news etc we are constantly downloading data. When you get home or somewhere suitable, connect to the WiFi to lessen your reliance on mobile data and reduce the impact in bills. Also check that your apps are closed down properly to prevent them from running in the background – they’ll continue consuming data even when running in the background.

Are you on the wrong tariff?

Recent data suggests that many of us are overpaying by the tune of £200 annually on mobile phone tariffs that we don’t fully utilise. Only 30% of us make full use of our minutes and texts allowance. Go through your last 12 months bill to get a picture of your average use and choose an appropriate tariff. Most of us don’t need to pay more then £15 per month.

Check for exclusions on your contract

Many of us don’t fully understand what exclusions apply on our contacts. For example you might have an unlimited call time package but you might still get charged for ringing your high street bank if the number begins with 0870 / 0871 etc. Check what exclusions apply on your contract and try to avoid them. Use the website or download the app SayNoTo0870 to find the local rate numbers for many well-known companies (be sure to save their numbers for future use!)

Finally, Do you really need to upgrade your phone every 12 months?

Phone technology for the last few years hasn’t dramatically increased each year. Although it’s great having the latest tech in your pocket, think about whether you really need it. Is there enough of technology transformation to warrant a change? Look at how much you could save by going ‘sim card only’ for a year and weigh it up for yourself.