5 Energy Saving Devices that are worth the money

Many of us are looking for Energy saving devices that could save money and improve our lives at home. With manufacturers offering more energy saving products than ever before, billbutler looks at some of the gadgets can help you live a green life and save you money whilst you’re at it!

LED Lighting

In most houses, lighting makes up 20% of our electricity bill. When some of us think of energy saving light bulbs, we chose light bulbs that take 10 minutes to brighten the room and more frustration than anything else. Well not with LED lighting. LED lights offer the brightest lights for the least money. They do cost more than your average light bulb, averaging around £7 each at your local B&Q but expect your bills to tumble after replacing all your lights with these (they last 20x longer than your normal halogen bulb too).

Charging stations

These are chargers for your mobile phones and other small electronic devices that we tend to leave charging overnight or until we remember to switch them off. Charging stations detect when your device is fully charged and switches the power off. A great way to reduce those ‘phantom’ power leaks and prevent battery damage from overcharging. A good one will set you back around £25 on Amazon but the overall benefits are worthwhile.

Look for the Energy Star Label

Many of us use the January Sales as a time to purchase some essential home electricals like a washing machine, tumble dryer, microwave etc. Whilst buying something that is sensibly priced, does the job and looks good, it’s important to consider how efficient it is too. After all, you will use these appliances 0000’s of times. Energy Star is a trusted government-backed symbol for efficiency.

Energy Management systems

These cool gadgets are growing in popularity fast. The most popular is Nest (backed by Google) and HIVE (backed by British Gas). The race for connected homes is heating up (forgive the pun – couldn’t help myself). Nest & HIVE will let you control your heating and hot water remotely. If you’re going to be home late, a couple of taps on your smartphone will stop your programmed heating coming on until you are ready. Hive starts at £143.20 (if you can install yourself) and Nest is £198.99.

Radiator Foil

An oldy but still a goody. Most of us have radiators working overtime during these cold months so it’s worth making sure they’re efficient. Most radiators sit under windows because that’s probably the best place to put them; to combat the cold air coming through exterior walls and windows. Put some radiator foil discreetly behind the radiator to reflect most of the heat traveling out of the house back in! A 2-meter roll of Radiator Foil costs around £6 and remember to buy some strong wallpaper glue to stick the foil up.