Top 8 ideas to save money around the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of many homes up and down the country. So, it’s only fitting we try to find ways you can save money in the kitchen through better efficiency. Read our recipe of ideas:

1.      The Washing machine: Wash your clothes at 30˚ instead of 40˚ and save 1/3 off the cost to run the cycle. It’s a staggering difference and one that you will feel on your bills at the end of year. Especially important if you run the washing machine regularly.

2.      The oven: It’s one of the biggest energy consumers in the kitchen. When cooking something in the oven, turn off the heat 5 mins before the end and let the built-up heat finish the job. Your food will taste just as good – we promise!

3.      The Cooker: Choose your pan carefully, we are serious when we say this! Using a large pan to cook a small egg wastes plenty of unnecessary energy. Pick a pan that fits the size of what you’re cooking (and pop a lid on if you have one!).

4.      The Microwave: Where you can, microwave your food instead of oven cooking. The microwave uses 10% less energy vs. a traditional oven when cooking.

5.      Washing Machine & Dryer: Regularly clean the filter on your tumble dryer and de-scale your washing machine and dishwasher – you’ll save up to 10% on annual running costs. This could be considerable if you use these appliances regularly.

6.      Fridge-freezer: Every few months, safely get around the back of your fridge and dust the condenser coils carefully (it’s the grill looking thing at the back). Removing dust helps your fridge run more efficiently and consume less energy.

7.      Fridge-freezer: Keep your fridge at 3-5˚ degrees and your freezer at minus 18˚. It’s the optimum temperature to keep goods chilled and your fridge freezer running efficiently.

8.    Kettle: The kettle consumes plenty of energy heating water to a boiling temperature in a short period of time. The more you boil the more it costs. Try to estimate how much water you need and just boil that. Unplug your kettle when not in use too. The Energy saving trust says homes in Britain waste £68m overheating kettles.